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Verbs with -ing, -ed endings (Levels 9-3 and 9-4)

Levels 9-3 and 9-4 deal with verbs ending with -ing and -ed, some of which double their final consonant before the -ing or -ed ending. The words in level 9-3 are swimming, running, winning, throwing, washing, mailing, kicking, listening, hopping, and sitting. The words in level 9-4 are mixed, covered, enjoyed, compared, planned, tapped, dropped, tagged, stopped, and tipped. The general pattern here is that verbs which end with a short vowel + a single consonant will tend to have that final consonant be doubled when an -ing or -ed ending is added to the word.


Silent e + -ing verb endings (Level 9-2)

Planet 9 focuses on verbs. Level 9-1 begins with present tense verbs that are also high-frequency words (touch, leave, represent, describe, pull, laugh, suggest, decide, climb, and finish). Level 9-2 moves to verbs that end with a silent e which drops when an -ing ending is added. The words in this level are dancing, driving, making, loving, caring, hoping, riding, smiling, saving, and serving.


Homophones (Levels 8-5 to 8-8)

Levels 8-5 through 8-8 focus on homophones.

These levels, ideally, would be a resource for teachers to use alongside some instruction about homophones. Although the fact that we always put words in context with a sentence to support their meaning is especially helpful when it comes to homophones, we still encourage additional vocabulary work on these tricky words. An art project like the one shown below, where each student illustrates one homophone pair, would work beautifully alongside these Rocket Spelling levels!

homophone student art


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Help with Adding Students

We've received word from a few folks that when they tried to add individual students to their account, they had trouble with the "save" button being grayed out after they have added their information. The issue is that you must fill all of the fields and then click out of the final one for the save button to become clickable again. For a 22-second demonstration of this, check out this video.


Plurals (Levels 8-1 to 8-4)

Levels 8-1 through 8-3 all focus on plural nouns. Level 8-1 focuses on words that either add -s or -es to the end when they become plural. Level 8-2 focuses on two types of plural patterns: y --> ies and f --> ves. Level 8-3 focuses on irregular plurals. Finally, level 8-4 reviews all of these types of plural nouns.


Gamifying Education: Why Rocket Spelling Works

Here at Rocket Spelling, we believe that students learn best when they are fully engaged in the subject matter they are learning. Our favorite way to get students engaged in learning is by gamifying the content being taught -- in our case, by turning spelling practice into a game.

You'll notice, though, that students' time spent on Rocket Spelling isn't filled with long, distracting game play episodes. Instead, the students are practice spelling all of the time, but that spelling practice occurs within the framework of a game.