Levels 8-5 through 8-8 focus on homophones.

These levels, ideally, would be a resource for teachers to use alongside some instruction about homophones. Although the fact that we always put words in context with a sentence to support their meaning is especially helpful when it comes to homophones, we still encourage additional vocabulary work on these tricky words. An art project like the one shown below, where each student illustrates one homophone pair, would work beautifully alongside these Rocket Spelling levels!

homophone student art

The homophone pairs included in level 8-5 are except and accept, here and hear, its and it's, hours and ours, and finally weak and week. Level 8-6 includes the words scent, sent, cent, wait, weight, break, brake, by, buy, and bye. The homophones in level 8-7 are passed, past, would, wood, their, there, meat, meet, affect, and effect. (The word they're is included with other contractions in level 10-4.) Finally, level 8-8 consists of whole, hole, whether, weather, close, clothes, plain, plane, son, and sun.

Photo credit to stepinto2ndgrade.com!