Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rocket Spelling?

Rocket Spelling is an incredibly fun way for students to learn to spell! Rocket Spelling consists of a series of engaging instructional spelling videos combined with gamified spelling practice to build retention. In all, students can learn 1,200 of the most critical high-frequency words in the English Language through Rocket Spelling.

Students will enjoy the way that Rocket Spelling feels like a game, with a fun storyline, points, badges, and awards. Teachers will appreciate the way Rocket Spelling gets students excited about spelling, as well as how it makes differentiating spelling practice and tracking students’ progress a snap.

How much does Rocket Spelling cost?

An annual subscription to Rocket Spelling is just $5 per student (minimum $50 purchase). When registering a Rocket Spelling account, you will be prompted to choose a number of students and pay for them. From then on, you can use the "renew" tab to extend your account's lifespan at any time.

For parents who want to buy a small number of accounts just for their child(ren), we recommend using coupon code FAMILY25. That code will take $25 off the cost of your subscription, meaning that your family can have full access to RocketSpelling for a year for just $25! That code works for purchasing up to 5 student licenses maximum.

How do the videos work?

Instructional videos are all new for the 2022-2023 school year! We encourage students to watch these videos as they progress through the levels and planets on Rocket Spelling.

In addition to teaching crucial spelling patterns, these videos have a fun storyline. Students will follow the journey of Astro the Cat and Ed the Elephant as they have all sorts of adventures and mishaps.

Eventually, your students will see that Astro and Ed are interested in flying, and the Rocket Spelling experience concludes with a final, celebratory video that can only be unlocked and viewed by students who conquer every Rocket Spelling practice and challenge level.

Not every Rocket Spelling level has a video, but when a video is available, it will show up on the student's map page next to the practice level.

What’s the difference between the practice and challenge levels? Why are some levels locked at first?

For each set of words, there are two types of levels: practice and challenge. The practice level is multiple choice, and words that are missed are re-tested after cycling through the other words in the list. The challenge level is harder: students must type the word in themselves (without answer choices being provided), and they only get one try for each word.

For each word set, a student must beat the practice level to unlock the challenge level. When a student attains a perfect score on all of the challenge levels for a certain planet, the review level for that planet is unlocked. The review level consists of 20 words instead of 10, and it pulls from all of the words in that set of levels, giving the student an additional chance to review the spelling patterns they had previously practiced.

How do I enter my students’ names and information?

We know you’re busy, so we’ve streamlined this process. You can quickly mass-enter students’ information by clicking the Add Multiple Students button and copying and pasting your entire class list from a spreadsheet. Hit the Save button to lock in any changes, and you’re done!

If you prefer to enter your students’ information individually, you can do that by clicking Add Student and entering their information. You may type in the desired username and password, or you can leave those fields blank and we will generate them for you.

What is a class code?

So that you can have the freedom to select the usernames and passwords you want (without worrying about whether or not that account name already exists), each teacher account is linked to a class code. Students can use that code to help them log in. Your class code can be viewed and edited in your settings tab. A special, class-specific login link can also be found in the settings tab. If your students log in through that link, they won’t need to enter the class code.

How can I see my students’ results on Rocket Spelling?

All of your student’s progress on Rocket Spelling can be viewed in your Progress tab. You’ll see a spreadsheet with each student’s best result for each challenge level they’ve attempted so far. Click on any cell in the chart, and you'll be able to see even more information about that student's work on that specific level, such as their total number of attempts, on what dates those attempts took place, and their scores on each attempt. Collecting and analyzing your students’ spelling data is a breeze with Rocket Spelling!

How can I renew my account for another year?

You can renew your account through the Renew tab. A warning will pop up when your account is within 14 days of expiring. Have budgeted money left that needs to be used by a certain date? You can prepay for another year of Rocket Spelling at any time.

Can student progress be saved from one grade to the next?

Yes! Students can be transferred to a new teacher as they move from one grade to the next, allowing them to keep all of their Rocket Spelling progress from year to year. To transfer students to another teacher’s Rocket Spelling account, go to the Manage tab and use the checkboxes on the left side of the page to select the students you’d like to transfer. (Clicking the checkbox at the top will select all students.)

Once you’ve selected the students to be transferred, find the dropdown box labeled “Perform on Selected” near the top of the page. Click it, and then choose “Send to new teacher”. You will be prompted to enter the email of the new teacher who will manage your students in the future. Be sure that the email you enter is the same one they used to register for Rocket Spelling. After doing this, your students will be transferred and the new teacher can sign in and accept them.

How can I contact Rocket Spelling?

If you have any additional questions or feedback, please contact us via email at