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New Anchor Charts

Your teacher Rocket Spelling account now includes free anchor charts! These posters match the graphics from our new videos, and they are intended to serve as reference guides that students can use as they work on practice and challenge levels. 

To reflect this update, the "certificates" tab in your teacher account has now been renamed "printables," and it includes these new anchor charts as well as the usual certificates.



New for 2022-2023: Better Data Tracking

Here's a much-improved Rocket Spelling feature for the coming school year: the teacher dashboard will now include better data than ever before!

In past years you could see the date, time, and score of students' challenge level attempts. Now you can drill down more specifically to see which words students missed and what their misspellings were. We believe that this additional data will make Rocket Spelling an even more powerful tool.

Levels completed before this change was made will not show this enhanced data, but completed challenge levels from now on will!



Find Us on YouTube!

The YouTube channel is now live! Our first 11 videos are ready for you and your students' viewing pleasure, with more videos to come. Now Rocket Spelling isn't just a fun, engaging spelling game, it's a one-stop spelling resource to teach your students crucial spelling patterns.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all of our new content!



Introducing: Rocket Spelling Videos!

The 2022-2023 school year will bring huge upgrades to Rocket Spelling.

Most notably, we will be introducing Rocket Spelling videos!

Rocket Spelling is already a powerful tool to help students practice spelling in a differentiated and gamified way. Beginning next school year, Rocket Spelling will do even more...


Adding Additional Students

If you have a new student join your class sometime during the school year, you may find yourself needing to add an additional student to your Rocket Spelling account. To do so, you don't need to renew your account. Instead, while logged into your teacher account, go to From there, you'll be able to select the new total number of students you want to have registered to your account here on Rocket Spelling.


Back-To-School Spelling Ideas

As the new school year gets into full swing, here are three back-to-school ideas for using Rocket Spelling to maximize your students' spelling progress.

1. Set Goals Rocket Spelling is designed to gamify your students' spelling practice. Start the year by encouraging your students to have a growth mindset when it comes to spelling. Even if certain words are difficult for them to spell as of now, it's important that your students understand that spelling -- like most things -- gets easier with practice! To explicitly see their own growth, we encourage your students to set both short-term and long-term spelling improvement goals.


Differentiated Spelling

Here at Rocket Spelling, we believe in the power of differentiated spelling instruction and practice. Students enter our classrooms each fall with widely varying levels of phonemic awareness and spelling prowess. We believe that teachers' spelling instruction and the students' spelling practice should both be differentiated to meet their individual needs. But managing and documenting all of that can be time-consuming if not downright impossible.

That's where we come in. With 1,200 high-frequency words sorted by pattern, Rocket Spelling is designed to provide students with independent spelling practice that they can move through at their own pace, freeing the teacher up to provide small-group instruction to students as needed.


Printing Student Logins

This year, we've made it even easier for you to print out all of your students' usernames and passwords on Rocket Spelling. Once you've entered and saved all of your students' information, you can now use the "Print Table" button within the Manage Tab of your teacher account (highlighted in the picture below) to generate a printable PDF of your students' logins.

print table