Levels 10-3 through 10-6 contain 30 high-frequency contractions. The words in level 10-3 are don't, didn't, can't, won't, wasn't, isn't, wouldn't, doesn't, shouldn't, and aren't. Eight of these 10 words simply replace the 'o' in 'not' with an apostrophe. The word 'can't' is an exception, as it also drops an 'n'. The word 'won't' is the real oddball in this set. You might point out to your students how it would seem like this word would be 'willn't' instead!

The words in level 10-4 are they're, I'm, he's, she's, you're, we're, what's, who's, where's, and there's. The words in level 10-5 are I'll, we'll, you'll, I'd, she'd, we've, you've, he'd, they've, and it'll. Level 10-6 consists of let's, couldn't, haven't, they'll, I've, he'll, she'll, that's, weren't, and we'd. None of these 30 words are oddballs, although it might be helpful to talk specifically to your students about 'they're' and 'you're' to help your students to avoid confusion between those two words and their homophones. We also suggest a quick minilesson about capitalizing contractions where the first word forming the homophone is 'I' (such as I'm, I'll, I'd, and I've).

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