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New for 2022-2023: Better Data Tracking

Here's a much-improved Rocket Spelling feature for the coming school year: the teacher dashboard will now include better data than ever before!

In past years you could see the date, time, and score of students' challenge level attempts. Now you can drill down more specifically to see which words students missed and what their misspellings were. We believe that this additional data will make Rocket Spelling an even more powerful tool.

Levels completed before this change was made will not show this enhanced data, but completed challenge levels from now on will!



Friday Fun: Spelling Pencils

Here's a new feature on the Rocket Spelling blog -- Friday fun! We plan to feature a fun spelling-related comic, joke, meme, or idea on Friday from time to time.

For today, we'd just like to point you toward these wonderful spelling pencils... these pencils

We think every student in America needs a set of these. Oh, by the way... all 14 of those words can be found right here on Rocket Spelling!