The 2022-2023 school year will bring huge upgrades to Rocket Spelling.

Most notably, we will be introducing Rocket Spelling videos!

Rocket Spelling is already a powerful tool to help students practice spelling in a differentiated and gamified way. Beginning next school year, Rocket Spelling will do even more: it will also include short, engaging videos that teach crucial spelling content to your students.

These new videos will align with our existing levels, making Rocket Spelling a place where students can learn spelling tips, tricks, and patterns and then immediately put their new knowledge into practice.


Look for other changes to appear in the coming weeks as well: updated planet images, better-looking badges, separate landing pages for each Rocket Spelling level (so you can directly link your students to an assigned level if you wish), and much more.

All of these upgrades should make your students' Rocket Spelling experience even better for years to come!