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Limited Time: Free Classroom Accounts!

Happy New Year! For 2018, we think it's time to resolve to make spelling and word work more fun for students. That's why, for a limited time, we're offering free, no-strings-attached classroom accounts here on Rocket Spelling! To claim yours, enter coupon code 'resolution' when you register, and you'll be able to secure a classroom account, giving your students full access to Rocket Spelling for the rest of the 2017-2018 school year, entirely for free.

Once you register, you'll love Rocket Spelling for its 1,200 high-frequency words, live at-a-glance student data, and levels that can be easily differentiated to target the needs of students of all abilities. Your students will love Rocket Spelling because it feels like a game, gives instant (and suspenseful) feedback, has rewards points and badges, and allows them to conquer words at their own pace.


Principals: Free Trials for Your Entire Staff!

To all principals and school leaders: Rocket Spelling is looking for a number of schools throughout the country to pilot-test this website for the rest of the 2017-2018 school year. If you would be interested in taking advantage of this offer, contact us at We will provide free accounts for all of your students and teachers for the rest of the 2017-2018 school year, and our only request is that you provide us with some simple site feedback at the end of the year.


Coupon Code: 50% Off a Yearly Membership!

We are excited to announce that for the entire month of November, we will be offering a coupon code that takes an incredible 50% off of your total annual membership cost! Whereas Rocket Spelling usually costs $3 per student for an annual membership, now you can get Rocket Spelling for an entire year for just $1.50 per student! To take advantage of this great deal, just enter coupon code '50off' at checkout.


Coupon Code: 14-Day Free Trial

As we head into November, we have a brand-new coupon code for new customers joining Rocket Spelling. When you register, use coupon code 'free14' to get a free 14-day trial classroom account on Rocket Spelling. We trust that you'll find Rocket Spelling to be an engaging way to gamify and differentiate your students' spelling practice, all while giving you immediate feedback on how each student is performing.


Final Day to Get your Free Account!

We're going to keep this post short and sweet: Today is the final day to get a free classroom account on Rocket Spelling! Anyone who registers by midnight Eastern time tonight and uses coupon code 'rocketlaunch' will receive a free classroom account good for the entire 2017-2018 school year. After midnight, this coupon code will expire, and new customers will only be able to get a 14-day free trial instead. With that in mind, sign up today, and spread the word to your colleagues yet today so they can take advantage of our free offer!


Help with Adding Students

We've received word from a few folks that when they tried to add individual students to their account, they had trouble with the "save" button being grayed out after they have added their information. The issue is that you must fill all of the fields and then click out of the final one for the save button to become clickable again. For a 22-second demonstration of this, check out this video.


Gamifying Education: Why Rocket Spelling Works

Here at Rocket Spelling, we believe that students learn best when they are fully engaged in the subject matter they are learning. Our favorite way to get students engaged in learning is by gamifying the content being taught -- in our case, by turning spelling practice into a game.

You'll notice, though, that students' time spent on Rocket Spelling isn't filled with long, distracting game play episodes. Instead, the students are practice spelling all of the time, but that spelling practice occurs within the framework of a game.


Rocket Spelling Award Certificate

For students who manage to conquer all of the levels on Rocket Spelling, we thought a celebratory certificate might be in order. So we've designed one! If you are interested in downloading a copy of our Rocket Spelling congratulatory certificate, please click here.

Rocket Spelling Certificate

Additionally, if you have students who conquer all of the Rocket Spelling levels, we'd love to help you celebrate their achievement by making them famous on our Twitter and Facebook accounts!


Viewing Student Results

One great feature of Rocket Spelling is the ability to see all of your students' progress at a glance through the Progress tab in your teacher account. We wanted to make sure you noticed, though, that each cell in that spreadsheet can be clicked for additional information, as seen here:

Progress Page Image