Here at Rocket Spelling, we believe in the power of differentiated spelling instruction and practice. Students enter our classrooms each fall with widely varying levels of phonemic awareness and spelling prowess. We believe that teachers' spelling instruction and students' spelling practice should both be differentiated to meet their individual needs and readiness levels. But managing and documenting that for 25+ students can be time-consuming -- if not downright impossible.

That's where we come in. With 1,200 critical high-frequency words sorted by pattern, Rocket Spelling is designed to provide students with independent spelling practice that they can move through at their own pace, freeing the teacher up to provide small-group instruction to students as needed.

We also provide teachers with real-time data at a glance. You can instantly see how all of your students are progressing through the various levels of Rocket Spelling (as pictured below).

Progress Page Image

We believe it's time for the traditional Friday spelling test to be replaced by differentiated spelling practice that meets students' individual needs while also being fun and exciting for elementary kids. That's our mission, and we hope you and your students will join us for the 2018-2019 school year!