You may transfer some or all of your students' accounts to another teacher who is registered on Rocket Spelling. This allows students to retain progress from one school year to the next.

To transfer students, log into your teacher account and head to the manage page. Select the check box to the left of whichever student(s) you'd like to transfer.

Select the checkbox

From the drop down menu above the table, select Transfer to New Teacher. Enter the registered email address of the teacher to whom you'd like to transfer your students. Then hit the Send button, and your students will exit your teacher account immediately. When the teacher to whom you've sent some students next logs in, a message will appear asking them to either accept or reject these incoming students.

Transfer message

Please note: Any students which you transfer out will be completely removed from your account! The new teacher will then be able to add those students to his or her roster. (Students cannot be associated with multiple teacher accounts at the same time.)

We hope that this will be a helpful (and heavily utilized) feature that allows students to seamlessly progress through Rocket Spelling over the course of multiple school years!