Our final planet begins with four levels focusing on prefixes. Level 11-1 consists of words with the prefix re-, un-, or pre-: return, preview, undo, unlock, preschool, unhappy, rewind, unplug, preheat, and restart. Level 11-2 contains words with the prefix in-, im-, il-, or ir-: impossible, irregular, illegal, invisible, immature, imperfect, incapable, improper, illiterate, and impatient. Level 11-3 consists of words with the prefix dis-, mis-, or non-: disappear, disagree, nonsense, nonstop, nonfiction, dislike, discover, misspell, misbehave, and mistake. Finally, level 11-4 contains 10 words that each have a different prefix: antifreeze, decode, abnormal, hemisphere, midnight, outrun, semicircle, submarine, tricycle, and underground.

Obviously these levels work well with minilessons about what each of these prefixes mean. It's also worth noting to your students that the addition of these prefixes does not change the spelling of the root word in any way, since that won't always be the case as we add suffixes to words in levels 11-5 to 11-7. Another fun minilesson is to ask students to come up with additional words with the commonly-used prefixes from the first three levels above.