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You’re looking to let your students’ spelling soar. Look no more. Rocket Spelling is a fun and functional way to teach words that stick.

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K-5 Spelling, Gamified

Rocket Spelling uses fun graphics, badges, and awards to motivate students to love practicing spelling. With instant, suspenseful feedback after each level, students will be on the edge of their seats as they work to become better spellers.

Instant Tracking of Student Progress

Teacher accounts on Rocket Spelling contain an easy-to-use dashboard that shows real-time information about each of your students’ spelling progress. Using the dashboard, you’ll be able to see when students need additional support with a particular spelling pattern.

Differentiated Learning

Unlike traditional pencil-and-paper spelling tests, Rocket Spelling helps students to master spelling concepts at an individualized pace. Students can practice 1,200 high-frequency words ordered by skill, with review levels to ensure that learning is retained over time.

Affordable Annual Pricing

Rocket Spelling costs just $3 per student for an unlimited-use one-year subscription (minimum 10 students). For far less than the cost of a textbook, Rocket Spelling will help your students to love practicing spelling!

For my nine year old son, Rocket Spelling sparked an interest in spelling that wasn't there before. He could hardly wait to learn the next set of words so he could move up through the levels. It's an invaluable tool for improving any child's spelling skills!
Becky B
parent of 3rd grader
My third-grade students really enjoy Rocket Spelling! They love trying to earn points and badges as they conquer each level. I love how they are mastering lots of spelling patterns along the way.
Scott M
3rd grade teacher
Rocket Spelling got me more into spelling. It has cool effects that make it fun. The Awards page has medals and other prizes that make me want to keep playing. I like how when you get a word wrong, you can always try again until you learn it.
Adam P
4th grade student
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